Daily Update #31: Letting Go

Hello, welcome. This is the Daily Update Corner. This is where I give you insider info, development notes, and miscellaneous content relating to the upcoming game 'The Zodiac Trial.'

That's the last time I'm going to be able to say that. At least, the 'upcoming' part of it, at any rate. There'll still probably be quite a few more of these posts, though I suspect the 'daily' moniker will quickly become a mischaracterization once more. But I digress. My point is, tomorrow the game comes out, and that marks a pretty big shift in the format of these posts. It represents a pretty big shift in how I view this game period.

Right now, the game remains ethereal. Conceptual. Sure, there are a couple of people who've looked over it. Reviewers and the like who've gotten early access keys. But that's a pretty minor and limited scope of people in the grand scheme of things. It's selective. Tomorrow, though, anybody who wants their hand on the game can get it. It'll be out in the open. It'll no longer be some vague project I've worked on, it'll be a product out in the open.

I don't know what the future is going to bring. Who knows, perhaps this is going to be the next Visual Novel craze. It'll blaze the VN circuit, and even grab the attention of those who love indie games. It'll shoot up to Steam's Best Sellers list, touting huge sales numbers. Dozens of Let's Plays will be made, trying to capture the newest, hottest trend.

Or maybe it'll completely bomb. Nobody will even know it exists. There won't be a single sale, it'll languish in solitude. Even friends and family won't be bothered to lend their time or money for it. And after three weeks, Steam'll kick it off the store, for being the only product in existence to ever sell 0 copies.

Anything's possible. Though, if we're being honest, the latter scenario is far more likely than the former. Hopefully the truth lands somewhere in between those two extremes. But whatever the case, I think I'll be content. Just knowing that the project is out there, in a finalized form, that's enough. In my life I've started and failed to follow through on a number of things. It's nice to know I drove this to the end zone.

In this final pre-release update, I'd like to speak a bit more frankly to you, the reader. Being honest, when I started doing these, I didn't think anybody would take the time to read them over. And even now, I know that the number of readers isn't high. But there are actually a number of you. You, who are subscribed to this website, or who click every time the link pops up on Twitter.

I'd like to thank you for following along on this journey. I hope that these posts have done their job in intriguing you to get the game, but even if they hadn't, I think it's pretty cool that you bothered to listen to me ramble on about nonsense every day. The knowledge that there were actually people who came to this site, every day, to see the newest Daily Update, that's what motivated me to write. You'll notice the later entries of these posts tended to be a lot longer than the earlier ones, and that's not a fluke.

But enough sentimentalism. This isn't the place for that. This is the place to discuss 'The Zodiac Trial.' A cold, brutal world that's difficult to navigate. Filled with puzzles, choices, mysteries, and reveals. I hope you eagerly await the Jade Emperor's challenge. Tomorrow, the game is released. It's a bit exciting, a bit nerve-wracking. But it is inevitable. The next Daily Update will be shortly after the game releases.

Until then,