Daily Update #30: Out Of Gas

Hello, Daily Update Readers. Well here we are again. It's always such a pleasure. I thought I'd make it to the end without running into this issue again, but once more, I'm lost for ideas on what to do. Tomorrow is the day before release, I've an inkling on what to do for that. But today, 2 days away? I don't even know. So I guess I'm just going to talk a bit.

I guess I should talk about what I've been doing in the 2 weeks in between putting the game on the Store and the release. If the game's finished, what's left to do? Rest, for one. I won't lie, I've definitely eased back on the workload, and thank God for that. I mean, not to be overdramatic, but I was really working myself to the bone for a good bit there. Nice to have a lot more free time.

But that's not all! There's been other things. I've been handling marketing things for one. I don't think I'll ever be enthusiastic about that angle, but hey, I have been working that angle. One facet of that has been these Daily Updates, which I'll have you know do not take an insignificant amount of effort to produce. Why I went on hiatus from them in the first place. Maybe I should've called them 'Weekly Updates.' Would've saved my ass a lot of work. Might've made them a bit longer to compensate. Oh well. Coulda woulda shoulda. 

I've also been adding a few final features for the game before release. In fact, I just got finished uploading the new version to Steam. There aren't huge changes, but I think they're important. For one, I added achievements. Hooray! I didn't really bother with that until I actually had the game on the Steam Store, where I could easily access both sides of the 'achievement' programming. Also because I kind of forgot about them but whatever.

I also fleshed out the narrator's commentary a lot more. Oh, right, that's a thing. Uh, exclusive reveal: one of the features unlocked upon finishing the game's true end is a narrator's commentary. It's a real ancillary feature, I don't know if anyone will even be interested in it. After all, by that point, you've probably explored most of the game, and going to the parts of the game that you haven't seen yet with commentary turned on might spoil those parts somewhat. But hey, if you want to know my thought process on a given writing choice, character, plot beat, there are decent odds I've talked about it in the Narrator's commentary. I tried not to completely break up the game's flow with my interjections, both for your benefit and mine (I didn't want to spend too too much time writing it), but there's definitely a lot of insight I hope some might find interesting.

And that's it, really. With things winding up, that's about all I've done related to this game. Now, I've also started a little bit of work on something else... But let's not get ahead of ourselves. 'The Zodiac Trial' is coming out in 2 days. I hope you enjoy it.

Until then,


Will there be a demo?