Daily Update #24: Panic Mode

Hello there, Jurors. Hey, hi, how are you? How's it going? Aloha! Having a good day? Night? What time is it for you? Where do you live? Sorry, that was a bit personal. You can just tell me your time zone. Anyways, hello, welcome. This is the Daily Update. Where, you know... things get updated. Daily. Obviously.

So, what's on the schedule for today? Hm, I wonder. Uh, well... you know, today I'm going to talk about the next topic. The one scheduled for this Daily Update. The Daily Update celebrating 8 days until release. Hey, 8 days, would you look at that! Exciting stuff, really. It should be commemorated. With a Daily Update. Which this is.

...Yeah maybe if you could just turn around for a moment, just a sec. You know, just like as a fun game or something. Or, if you're on a phone, you could flip it. Just give me a bit of time, to, uh...

Okay, alright, time for full disclosure. I, uh, I don't know what to write about. I'm running out of topics for these Daily Updates. I mean, we're at number 24, that means there's 23 topics before this! And okay, maybe I cheated a few of those too, but still, there's but so much I can say to entice y'all to just get the damn game without just posting parts of the script!

We could, uh, talk about the setting? Yeah, you know, talk about the school, all of its exciting rooms and backgrounds. You won't believe what happens in the girl's bathroom on the second floor! A lot of hot gossip there. No? No, okay, uh, what if we talked abooooout the GUI? Yeah, GUI's interesting, GUI's fun. Wanna know why the cursor looks the way it does? No?

You know, you're not giving me a lot to work with right here. I don't see you coming up with ideas for topics. Yeah, yeah, not your job, whatever. You know, this is what's wrong with the world today. Nobody's willing to just help out. Can't you just be a pal, pitch in a little? Must I do all the work?

Okay, think, think, what to talk about. Surely there's something interesting about this game, I mean, if not, why sell it? Maybe if I'm having this much trouble thinking of things, the game isn't that interesting. In that case, maybe it's not that good. Oh no, my inability to write this Daily Update has caused me to lose faith in my own product. If I don't do something soon, who knows how I'll spiral. How the stakes have been raised!

Wait a minute.... Raised....

Ok, okay, alright, yes, this could work, this is it. I know now what I must do. What I must write. I know of the right saga to fill these pages. Hell, it could probably fill 3 Daily Updates if I'm greedy with it. 

So then, what is it? What's this magical topic that'll save the day? Now why would I tell you that? Look, see, this whole process of discovery filled out a whole Update in itself. And I'm not just gonna waste that! Ha! There it is, another one in the bucket, under my belt. Go me.

Sooo yeah, that's it for today, come back tomorrow and I'll start with the new epic, multi-post spanning arc of marketing material. That's a compelling cliffhanger, right?

Until then,