Daily Update #23: Playing With A Full Deck

Another day, another dollar, another Daily Update. You could set your clock to these updates. If you wanted a wildly inaccurate clock that, at best, can keep track of dates. Which, hey, is better than a lot of clocks. Hell, apparently a ton of clocks are just straight up broken. If they weren't, why are there so many sayings about the broken clocks? 

I think I've lost the plot a bit. What were we talking about again? Right, The Zodiac Trial. There's... some amount of days to go, who's to say. And in this slow march towards release, I said that I was going to talk about all of the great fun cool friends you'll find in the game. And I intend to honor that promise. So let's move on to the last four spotlights we have in store.

Let's start with Bunny. Bunny's always fun to have around. He's cool to have at a party, a trip, or a death game. If you've got a situation that needs defusing, he's the person to call. But there's more to him than just a winning smile. With experience as a cop, he's got the physique and the wits to navigate dangerous situations safely. 

And keeping with this optimistic streak, we turn to Tiger. Now this is the very model of a modern optimistic idealist. She's so optimistic that she doesn't seem to register this whole 'death game' as a bad thing which is, uh, perhaps not typical, but it's a breath of fresh air in a lot of ways. At the very least, you know what you're getting with Tiger.

If only the same could be said about Ox. This prosecutor seems to have the best grip on what's happening in a lot of ways. He approaches the game with a rational head, he can lead the group with methodical plans, and he has plenty of information about the incident that has led to the group's abduction. However, even if he acts as a figure of safety to Mouse, can he really be trusted? Everyone's here for a reason...

And of course, there's one more character we have to discuss. We've saved the best for last, but there's only one person I could be saving for the end.

It's the Jade Emperor, of course! The one behind it all, the mastermind, the kingpin. They're a real contradiction, that Jade Emperor. Somehow both inhumanly objective and overwhelmed with emotion. Somehow both fair in their rulings and oddly unfair at times. Somehow both clear in their intentions and yet mysterious in some of their actions. What lies behind the mask?

Besides the 12 we've shown, there might be a couple more characters of note, either inside the death game or outside of it. But I think I'll leave it there for now. At least now, hopefully, you have something of an idea of what you'll be facing.

Until next time,