Daily Update #22: Voir Dire

Hey, guess what? It's time for another D-d-d-d-daily Update! I do not know if I've used the 'stuttering daily' bit before and I refuse to check. But I'm guessing I have because I'm very predictable.

So alright. I promised to get you accounted with the cast, but then I only went and showed you 4 characters. What gives? How unfair, me. So this time, I'll keep on showing off some more jurors, give you a heads up on who to watch out for when you get kidnapped in 10 days when the game comes out! That's right, you will physically be kidnapped when you purchase this game, that's the conceit of this update blog I guess.

This is Sheep. Say hi Sheep. Sheep is kind of nervous about this whole thing. Which - understandable, if we're being honest. So Sheep makes sure to stay with people she can trust, in order to, you know, stay alive. Some might scoff at this strategy. Stand on your own, they say. But you know, being nice to everybody, knowing when to step back, folding far more often than holding - these are traits that can keep you alive. And at the end of the day, isn't that most important?

Sheep stands in fairly stark contrast with Horse, who will not be 'folding' much of anything. Where others will back down, Horse will step forwards. Where others will flee, Horse will fight. Brave? Sure. But it's a lot less brave when you're as physically overwhelming as Horse is. Horse is always someone you have to keep an eye on if you plan on turning on the group. Because at any moment, he could just break your arms and render you immobile. In some ways, he's the biggest thing holding the group together. But then again, what would happen were he to turn against the group?

And on the other end of the spectrum we have Snake. Now personally, I think Snake gets a bad rap. A lot of the jurors think of him as 'creepy' or 'shifty.' But really, what's their basis for saying all of that? Sure, he likes to keep to himself, and say the odd ominous thing. But hey, don't we all? I think if you just got to know Snake, you'd see he had a lot to offer. After all, every good betrayal starts with lying. And lying to Snake is a difficult prospect, to say the least.

Some people think that the best way to get through the situation is to band together. Some people are Dragon. Hey, at the very least, give her some credit! She's consistent. She's honest. She doesn't trust almost anyone, and hell, she's got good reason to be skeptical, she's trapped in a death game. You'd think acting as a lone wolf would be to Dragon's disadvantage. But with a decent head on her shoulders, and some actual experience with combat, Dragon doesn't have many weaknesses. So if I were you, I'd think twice about crossing her. 

There's still a couple of stragglers we've got to get to, but I think once again, we'll cut things off short. As I said last time, gotta stretch this series out somehow, you know? Next time, we'll finish off the roster and maybe look at a few players outside the game. 

Until next time,