Daily Update #21: Meet The Crew!

Hello there, everybody. We're back, again, so clap your hands, and make some noise. It's the Daily Update!

Alright, another flapping about. We got 11 days to go, and you all don't even know about the fine people you'll be meeting in your kidnapped journey around the school. Why, that's just shameful! Atrocious! Bad marketing! So I'm not gonna wait another moment, I'll just introduce you to four members of the cast.

We'll start from the end, with the one, the only, Pig! Of course, that's not her actual name, rather a nickname befitting her role in the race. Now, upon initially meeting Pig, you might not think much of her. She seems sensible enough, if prone to overreaction. A bit cynical, a bit cowardly, certainly not a threat. And perhaps that's true enough - She's not going to be a physical threat like Horse, or a strategist like Snake, or a charmer like Bunny. But overlook her at your own risk - too many have in her own life. Sometimes, all it takes is tenacity. Determination alone is a skill on its own, and Pig's nothing if not determined.

Next up, we've got Dog. Dog's not exactly thrilled to be here, if we're being honest. I mean, not just because of the whole deadly implications of it all - it just seems like a bother. In sharp contrast to Pig, Dog doesn't have much determination for anything. That's not to say he doesn't have any desires, just that a lot of them feel... unattainable. So he does what he can, a humble bartender. Not providing much aside form the occasional sarcastic quip. But again, I wouldn't count him out. If caring too much can be a power, so too can not caring about anything come in handy.

Then we've got Rooster. Oh, Rooster. What to say about Rooster. If you're gonna bet on anyone's survival, bet on Rooster.  Sure, he's not exactly an intimidating physical threat. He might not be as "calculating" or as "smart" as some of the competition. Yeah, maybe he's not exactly well liked by his peers. And so what if he doesn't have many applicable skills? What he lacks in those departments, he more than makes up for by

And of course, who could forget Monkey? A calming voice of reason, sensible and reasoned in all things. When the world is burning down, it might feel like all hope is lost. But Monkey's here to remind everyone that it's all going to be okay. Just breathe in... breathe out... and analyze the situation calmly. Isn't that better? I'd go on more, but Monkey prefers to talk more about other people than herself.

On the note of speaking of other people... I think that'll do it for this Daily Update. I mean, I went over 4 different characters in this. I've got to save some for later, there's still 11 more days before the launch! 

Until next time,