Daily(?) Update #18: Release Incoming!!!

Hello, readers. Time for another one of my totally daily, never missed a beat, consistent-like-clockwork, developer updates.

Okay, I should probably actually address the elephant in the room without making a snarky comment on it. Fact of the matter is, these blogposts were more work than expected, and it quickly became clear I wasn't as close to the end of development as I had anticipated. And so, I figured, it'd be most productive to shift focus solely onto working on the game so I could get it to you, my lovely followers, as soon as possible. Why then didn't I tell everybody about the hiatus?

Right, so, upcoming release. That's right baby, we're two weeks from the damn thing being out, and my job here being done. And that means we're cranking the daily updates back into full gear! 


That said, there's but so much I have to talk about without things getting old, and we've got two weeks to go, so I think I'll just let the upcoming release speak for itself. That's enough for an update, right? Right! I mean, go look at the page! There's a trailer! There's screenshots! There's little blurbs about the game and stuff! That should be good, right? Awesome, great. So that'll be it for me today, and tomorrow, we'll get back to the good ol' insider track info you come to me for.

Until next time,