Daily Update #17: An Ode To Rooster

Hello to all you readers out there, eagerly following the saga of 'The Zodiac Trial' daily updates. Today, I have something very important to tell you about. Today, I will be extolling the virtues of Rooster.

Now, who is Rooster some of you may be asking? Why, Rooster's just the coolest motherhecking dude around town, that's who Rooster is. Rooster's the person we all wish to be. Rooster is, put simply, the best.

Of all the characters to write for in 'The Zodiac Trial,' I won't say Rooster is the best written. I don't particularly think that's true. However, I will say Rooster is the most fun to write. Its a joy to give life to Rooster, mostly because his writing is very stream-of-conscious. It's like his lines come to me naturally. 

So who is he? For one, he's a movie star. He doesn't feel the need to put in the 'aspirational' part. After all, once he inevitable becomes a movie star, that title gets a timeless quality to it, applying to both before and after his run of stardom.

But he's so much more than a pretty face with incredibly potent acting powers. He's got layers. For instance, he's a true hero - brave enough to do what needs to be done. He's also got incredibly honed instincts - his ability to read people is unmatched!

Comedic writing, especially in a game that's not meant to be comedic at all, is difficult. I mean, there are hardly any light moments as it is. So to put in humor? Forget about it! But there is some comedy to be found, and the majority of it is either from gallow's humor, or from Rooster. 

All in all, I think Rooster's just a swell dude. So there you have it, three cheers for our new Lord, Rooster. Hip hip, hooray! Hip hip, hooray! Hip hip, hooray!

Until next time,