Daily Update #13: How Sound Tracks

Ah, hello again reader. Thank you for stopping by the Daily Update Corner once more. I'm pleased the response the last Daily Update got. I was a little bit worried I was giving too much about the main game away, so it's a relief to actually hear positive feedback about the post. I think it actually might be my favorite Daily Update so far, and if you haven't read it yet, I recommend you check it out.

Now then, what are we going to talk about today? As I've been fleshing out the game, I've been paying extra attention to implementing the soundtrack as I work. That's not true, I haven't gotten to that yet, but for the sake of this Update seeming relevant, let's say it is.

It's not like I'm completely lying here - I make sure to note when and where the soundtrack should play, when it should change, what mood music each scene should have. I've ended up with a large selection of possible songs to choose from, in no small part to the soundtrack that's been commissioned for the game. 

Commissioning an OST can be costly, but it can have a number of advantages over simply gathering a bunch of Royalty Free Music. For one, specific tracks can be created with specific characters or scenes in mind. It allows for setting very specific moods. Additionally, when the soundtrack is all made by one artist with intention, a cohesive soundscape can be created. The tracks, while each distinct, all have a similar sound, creating a cohesive atmosphere. There can even be musical allusions to other tracks, remixes of previous tunes to drive points further home.

Here's a somewhat intense track entitled 'The Eyes of The Dragon.' Have a listen: 

Here's another track fit for a face-off by the name of 'Constriction.' Here's a link: 

In total, 'The Zodiac Trial' contains 36 songs. 3 based off of each of the 12 principal jurors. There are happy songs, sad songs, angry songs, scary songs, songs of all sorts, specifically designed to enhance the Jade Emperor's game. I hope when 'The Zodiac Trial' comes out, you'll be able to hear the game in all its glory. 

Until next time,